Easter: 12 / 17 years old

Each program has maximum 16 to 22 participants guided 24/7 by 2 to 3 native French instructors. They are together from morning till evening and the FIL Easter will enjoy these activities:


 # Program: French & Multi-Activities

31st March to 8th April
  • French courses: 28 hours of French lessons (8 sessions during a stay).
  • Moto or horse back riding (choice of one), spend 2 hours in the forest riding a motocycle or on horse back!
  • Treetop Adventure Park, zip-line, via ferrata, 8 different activities on the top of trees for all levels, a 400 meter zip line
  • Hiking in the Pyrénées Mountains close to the Spanish border
  • Cabaret, games and night activities at the « Le Noell »: the FIL team organises activities every evening. note to all artists who can bring their instrument, material, ... You are the actor of the night, the stage is yours!
  • Shopping and visit of Collioure, Prats de Mollo and Saint Laurent de Cerdans, discovery of typical Catalan cities, places steeped in history, where you can shop in boutiques and buy souvenirs!

And tons of other fun activities at the "Le Noell" to discover with your "animateurs" (instructors)!

** Optional extra activity:

  • Horseback riding, two half-day riding in the woods, on the path to discover the pleasure of horseback riding (as a replacement for two activities according to the planning)   +100 €

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NB: programs subject to last minute changes (weather conditions, case of absolute necessity, etc.)

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