FIL Junior: 11 / 15 years old

Each program has maximum 16 to 24 participants including minimum 2 young French people guided 24/7 by 2 to 3 native French instructors. They are together from morning till evening and the FIL Junior will enjoy these activities:


 # Program: French & Multi-Activities

4 stays during Summer
  • French courses: 21 hours of French lessons (7 sessions during a stay).
  • Aquajump, spend a crazy time jumping, sliding, diving on inflatable structures in the middle of a lake, great fun guaranteed!
  • Kayak and stand up paddle board on the Mediterranean sea, a great time before sunset riding along the coast!
  • Treetop Adventure Park, zip-line, via ferrata, 8 different activities on the top of trees for all levels, a 400 meter zip line (not required)
  • Hiking in the Pyrénées Mountains close to the Spanish border
  • Canyoning, a great adventurous activity in a canyon, 2 hours down the river: 3 rappels of 3, 16 and 26 meters high - 3 jumps (not required) of 3, 4 and 7 meters, passage under the rock, natural water slide (adapted for teenagers). Supervised by licensed instructors.
  • Cabaret, games and night activities at the « Le Noell »: the FIL team organises activities every evening. note to all artists who can bring their instrument, material, ... You are the actor of the night, the stage is yours!
  • Shopping and visit of Perpignan and Collioure, discovery of typical Catalan cities, places steeped in history, where you can shop in boutiques and buy souvenirs!
  • Swimming in the swimming pool & the Mediterranean Sea, relaxation, sunbathing and cooling off in the water!
  • An overnight stay on the Mediterranean coast
  • An overnight bivouac on the domain of "Le Noell"

And tons of other fun activities at the "Le Noell" to discover with your "animateurs" (instructors)!

** Optional extra activity:

  • Horseback riding, two half-day riding in the woods, on the path to discover the pleasure of horseback riding (as a replacement for two activities according to the planning)   +120 €
  • Scuba diving, scuba diving introduction, 1 half day discovering underwater wonderland of the natural marine reserve of Banyuls-Cerbère   + 100 €



# Program: French & Horseback Riding

 2 stays during Summer: Stay 2 and 4

Horses are your passion and you wish to discover new places on a horseback while learning French?

The program « French & Horseback Riding »  offers you a stay including an intensive session of horseback riding. Participants spend 6 days all together at our camp « Le Noell » (one group of 11/17 years old, maximum 8 in each program) and 4 days of horseback riding outside the camp

The French & Horseback Riding program is lead by Josse, our horseback riding instructor, with whom the group will go for a 4 days hiking with the horses, crossing the Spanish border, riding in the mountains and forest. They will speak French all day long and will enjoy time in a close group of maximum 8 riders. At night, they will enjoy Fresh home made food and sleep under a tepee (our partner: http://www.chevauxdubuac.com/fr/photos-randonnees-a-cheval-dans-les-pyrenees).

* Only for experienced riders!

** The « French & Horseback Riding program » has limited places (7/8 each).


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NB: programs subject to last minute changes (weather conditions, case of absolute necessity, etc.)

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