The team

All programs are accompanied by members of the FIL team. They are all experienced and qualified to teach French as a foreign language and have been rigorously selected by us. Present from morning to evening, they teach each creative workshop and accompany each excursion, even activities on late evenings. The instructors make sure that every participant in the groups feel good every single day of the stay.


At the management of FIL: a professional and united team

Sophie and Bénédicte, the FIL directors, who both graduated from programs in youth coordination and teaching French as a second language, founded FIL in 2012.

equipe_sd.jpgSophie Dutertre

Volunteer for years as a child counsellor in her home region of Brittany, Sophie went to university to study teaching French as a second language. A perpetual traveller, she taught French in different universities in India, in the U.S.A. and in France. Sophie worked 4 years as an instructor and then became director of "Créa-Langues", a similar language camp in South of France.


equipe_bc.jpgBénédicte Chanu

A child counselor for many years, Bénédicte studied teaching French as a second language as well. She taught French in France, Hungary, then at a university in India. For two years, Bénédicte has been teacher coordinator for an "Alliance Française" in India. In summer 2012, she worked as an instructor for "Créa-Langues" in France and then joined Sophie to create FIL.



Our regional cook, prepares us delicious Mediterranean food. He is always smiling and knows "Le Noell" like the back of his hand.